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Massage is important to everyone from professional athletes to every day recreational athletes, to people who sit at a desk or work in a labor intense job.

Massage quotes:

"I get over 200 massage a year because they are important to my athletic ability" by Lance Armstrong: 7 time Tour De France Winner, cancer survivor, and seller of 70 milllion "Live Strong" bracelets for cancer research.

"I get 2 massages a day during training season" by Michael Phelps: American swimmer with 14 Olympic gold medals and 37 world records.

"Managing the pain with massages helps us" by Kerri Walsh and Misty May Treanor: Volleyball icons and multi Olympic gold medal winners.

"Receiving regular therapeutic massage is absolutely necessary for pro athletes to help optimize performance, prevent injury, reduce competition anxiety and achieve career longevity. Sports Massage gives athletes an edge they would not otherwise have....wtih the help of massage therapy, Frank Thomas (MLB home run slugger) put up some of his best numbers of his career after incorporating massage therapy, his home run production increased by 26% during the years he incorporated massage..." by John Louis, Massage Therapist for Major League Baseball.

"Therapeutic Massage helps the body recover from the stresses of strenuous exercise and faciliatates the rebuilding phase of conditioning" by Dr. Margaret Kirkland: National and World Power-Lifter Record holder.

"Massage from Jacqueline Skiver and her range of motion techniques helped me re-gain some of my shoulder movement that was decreased due to multiple shoulder injuries and subsequent surgeries" by John: Personal Trainer and recreational athlete.

"Regular massage therapy and stretching from Jacqueline has increased my range of motion and dramatically reduced my lower back pain from degenerative disk. It is also similar to taking a one hour vacation" by Ron, avid water-skiier, wakeboarder, tennis player along with other activities; a Finance Manager in a Fortune 500 Company.

"Jacqueline really understands the demands that I physically put my body through during my training and addresses my needs". By Mike: Novi Firefighter.

"Work is busy, the home is busy, LIFE is busy and CAN be a little stressful. A good massage is the one time in life that you can "truly" relax in both body, mind AND spirit. I hired Jacqueline to provide her "in-office chair massage" to my whole office. I saw the positive difference immediately in my team's attitude and productivity. I highly recommend her." Michael K Klassa, CEO, CFP for "Klassa, Swaggerty & Associates Financial

“I’m no professional athlete, but when the stresses of life compounds, I schedule a massage with Jacqueline. I think it’s the best reward I can do for myself (and CALORIE-FREE). She totally helps unwind my body and mind to tackle life refreshed.” by Trina: full time engineer and mother of four.


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