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Soft Tissue Specialist
About the Practitioner

Jacqueline graduated with honors from I.M.I. Institute in Southfield, MI. She is Nationally Certified through for Massage and Bodywork. She is also MBLEX licensed. She specialized at I.M.I. in the following areas:  Orthopedic Assessment, Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, AIS Stretching, Hot Rocks, Trigger Point Therapy and Advanced Sports Massage techniques. Jacqueline is also an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She is also a Certified Nutritionist through AASDN.

For Jacqueline's ACE Certification for Group Fitness Training, her additional C.E.C.'s and focus has been on the following area's: Functional Training, Gait Analysis, Proper Lifting Techniques, Biomechanics of Assisted Stretching, Exercise Coaching, Kinetic Anatomy, Low Back Injury Prevention and Rehab, Interval Training, Strength Training Core Conditioning.

On a personal level, Jacqueline has competed in Bodybuilding for over 15 years and attained National Level. She was awarded Bodybuilder of the Year and had numerous top 3 finishes across the Midwest. She has also competed in Adventure Races with many top podium finishes. She has raced in the MMBA mountain bike series, triathlons, strongman competition, powerlifting competitions and has a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and an avid water skier and wakeboarder. She also recently attained three National Records in Powerlifting.

She believes the winning combination of injury free and pain-free living involves strengthening and stretching combined with massage therapy for soft tissue stripping and compression broadening of all major muscle groups. "If you had an 8 clylinder car, you wouldn't want it running on 4 or 6 clylinders and the same applies to our muscular system. We ideally want every muscle fiber firing and engaging properly". Unfortunately, due to injuries, scar tissue formation and decreased range of movement, some muscles are no longer operating or firing at all. This can lead to inconsistencies in performance. That is one of the reasons professional athletes receive massages almost daily during their strenuous training.


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